Our Story

Family owned & operated

At Pop Cornaa we love our popcorn and the joy it brings to both young and old. We wanted to create new and exciting flavours that appeal to foodies that are looking for something unique and fun.

For the more adventurous, we have Asian inspired bursts of flavour that would appeal to those seeking next level food experiences.

Our business is built on provenance and sustainability and what better place to operate than from a UNESCO Biosphere Island. Reducing food miles and food traceability was the main driver and resonated with our social corporate responsibilities as a brand. You can really “Taste the Manx Magic” in our gourmet popcorn that is made from free roaming, grass fed cows of the Isle of Man.


Inspired by nature

Cultural popcorn

Food has always been the centre of connectivity in our family and culture. Growing up as a British Born Chinese in the heart of a thriving family food business in London has ignited my passion to create a product that resonates with my inner child. Exposed to a culinary adventure at a young age, coupled with a love of travelling and experiencing a melting pot of cultures in latter years has inspired our Asian range.

The Isle of Man is rich in its own resources and offers food producers an abundant variety of key ingredients to create a truly unique taste sensation. I was keen to incorporate as many fresh ingredients as possible to arrive at a premium product, as consumers are now more aware of where their food comes from.

This trend has become more prominent over the years, and I am keen on providing the freshest of ingredients to my own young family, now that I am a parent myself.

about emily ...

I believe the generation of today are keen on seeking more authentic flavours as opposed to the introductory of ethnic food choices of 50 years ago. Global travel has exposed many people to new and exciting taste sensations which I believe are still in their infancy in the UK. The Asian diet is rich in many plant foods that nurture and benefit the human body and it is with this key concept in mind for the range of products we produce.